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About AIS

Al-Aqsa Integrated School Malaysia (AIS) is an international school founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and launched its first semester on October 2018. The main purpose of founding AIS was to offer education to families around Klang Valley a satisfying education level and good environment.
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At AIS, we consider the school as a dynamic production team. Administrators, teachers, and students are all contributors to this team, and knowledge & ideas are the products. Since students are the ones who benefit most directly from the product, they should be most concerned that the product is of a high quality. But from our side, we offer all school levels from KG & 1st to 12th, with carefully designed fitting curriculum for each level to have the best components & inputs of the education process to lead to the desired outcomes.
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As we aim to fit the abilities of Malaysia residents of Arab societies, we believe that we are offering the most reasonable charges among out competitors. Check out the prices below and how to actually join our lovely community.
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About AIS

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